Banking law, consumer credit and electronic payment

Banking LawRossi and Associates provides assistance in Banking Law field to banks, financial intermediaries and to issuers and underwriters of securities (French and Italian), in relation to all legal aspects of banking, securities markets and real estate.

Furthermore, the firm’s experience makes it a leader in the field of electronic payment methods – assisting major companies in the sector as part of the international systems, in matters relating to the functions of issuers and acquirers.

Rossi and Associates offers advice, both in and out of court, in disputes relating to means of electronic payment, particularly regarding payment acceptance irregularities and contactless chip technology, ownership and use of credit cards and PIN numbers.

Moreover, the firm has particular expertise in issues relating to consumer credit, every kind of personal loans, as well as credit agreements.

In these matters, Rossi and Associates can assist clients in ordinary civil and criminal courts, as well as in Banking and Financial arbitration and before conciliation bodies.